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Monday, November 22, 2010

When Women Tread Wild Wise

Women bitten by the explore-the-wild bug often find themselves in the middle of wilderness thinking of all the things they should have done differently to enhance the thrill of their travel. We make a billion check lists and check them a billion times only to find that when needed, you had everything you ‘did not’ need and nothing that was needed.

We often forget the purpose of travelling and prepare for something totally different. One must chart out the real aim of any journey we plan to take up and backtrack to plan for the perfect trip.

Since women face lot different challenges and see the world from a different angle altogether hence we need to prepare differently.

Here are few points in addition to many that everyone tells you to do which if kept in mind can add safety to your trip.

Travel light

Backpacking over places solely has a purpose to explore, learn, experience, see and do things one has never done before. It is important to stick to the real reasons and concentrate on them.

Ladies need not pack extra scarf’s, tissue, clothes, accessories,make up etc stuff that one can do without. Traveling light gives you flexibility to keep your luggage and supply with you all the time and not stealing away the time one takes to find a secure place to dump your sack before you indulge in some activities such as photography, writing your journal or checking your map out. It saves time and energy that can be well spent other wise and maintain safety of your backpack.


It is quite often that you back pack to non populated or language barrier places where if in a fix can get you in loads of trouble. Women must keep GPS device, maps, compass, cell phones etc on them. One is most welcome not to use them to add that extra adventure but yet insure you are covered for emergency situations. Must keep a small hidden weapon such as swiss knifes, chili spray etc handy. Someone must be informed home of your exact route and were bouts before and during your travel.

Pre plan

Plan less trips are more fun no doubt about that but a little of advance planning can ensure a hassle free trip. Thanking technology one must surf and check review to the places and routes to be followed before hand to prepare yourself for the adventure and know what to expect. Carrying a language and history guide books can help you interact and learn much more.


Women really need to be cautions of their behavior in un known places as informal or over friendly mannerism could invite trouble. Be friendly but stern and answering questions by random people. Never give your original names and details to stranger no matter how friendly or helpful they might be to you. Preferably travel in pairs to keep you not just company but safety too.


Women must choose easy but tough fabrics for clothing as wear and tear is always on cards while travelling backpacking style. Must insure you are fully clad to keep you from sun and dust damage and also from lechers. Must carry head gear of any sort like bandana, caps, hats etc to keep your hair and face from any damage, but also they can be put to multiple usage at times. Foot wear is the most important element of your clothing hence must be chosen carefully, comfort and durability must be top priority for choosing a pair.


Women are more prone to allergies and easier exhaustion hence they must be prepared according to destination’s climate, vegetation, geography etc. and carry enough medical supplies to cater for minor to major first aid.

Minor details can save your leisure trip from many small disappointments and give you exciting and fruitful memories to record in your journals and cameras to bring back home. Happy backpacking.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Mitti Avazan Mardi … Acctually…!!!

Day started early , the smell of ma ironing a beautiful pair of salwar kamiz just been pulled outta the safest corner of the cupboard smelling a fresh auroma of moth free balls which are put in every nook and corner of ma’s closet( to over insure the safety of her precious collection of sarees and suits and havnt we all made fun of her for this religious exercise of hers at some point or other of our lives ) anyway, all dressed for a wedding ,another of my brother is scheduled to be sacrificed today of the freedom that only a single stature can enjoy, yes hes getting married!

The marriage is out of ordinary scheduled to be done at the village and not in any flashy expensive city palaces or hotels, as the couple wants to take vows in the gurudwara they held close to their hearts and remembering going their childhood days spend in the village, plus to mark an auspicious occasion and a point in your life don’t you want to do things differently?

Not really found of attending weddings but as I grow up I see cousins more close and known to me tying knots instead of strangers whose weddings you find the most boring occasions attended in your life, these are far more fun now. So I agree to drive ma and my self to the village and plus I had no idea when was the last I ever went to a village, something draws me to these places where a complete town equivalence of a population lives like a family and is unaware of the evils right from pollution to cheats that exists in the urban society.

So we set off to my ma’s village after I googled up to the forgotten ways of this part of Punjab. Was a 2 hours plus drive , couldnt ask for a better head start to a day for a person who loves to be behind the wheel and on the road.
A quick visit to the nearest filling station, got my ford loaded and checked for the drive and we set off. I felt good to see what the previous govt (congress) did for Punjab the wide roads nicely painted and marked , made it easier for us to navigate our way out.
But highways could get boring ,specially if you driving with your mother ( wink , no pun intended) so I put on my FM but remote areas dint catch the city stations so I switched to my CD payer and found few of my cds missing from the stack and few of dads classics slid in instead. Ahhhh… I couldnt believe my ears and confirmed with my mum if it was what I was hearing that it is what I thought it was … yeh whatever…! But it was!
Yamla Jatt ! hes an old folk music artist of Punjab probably the oldest and the most popular of all times , what Rumi was for Afghanistan ,he was to of early punjab!
His words in my head , few I couldnt comprehend so I resorted to my mother now and then to get meanings to typical words of Punjabi no longer used, but all it did was MAKE SENSE up there between my ears just as Godsmack does to me , he must have been the Godsmack to my father .
So picture the scene , villages ( though pretty modern to times), green fields( often gold), fresh sunlight ( luckily the temp is rising now), wide roads( accompanied by row of fig trees arched over the highway from both sides ,with gold leaves dangling delicately few already on the ground which make a crushing music beneath the tyres,gives a feeling of as you walking actually driving into heaven!just as the bride walks up her aisle to her love!).
It was a drive I remembered doing couple of times with dad during much younger days,brought me flashbacks of those times.

But then this strange thing happened as we were trying to locate the house of my uncle that belonged to my Maternal grand father long long time back , I told my ma to relax because maybe I know the way . she said she herself dint know, how could I do cuz all I ever came there was probably 10 or 15 years back and not more than couple of times .
But I let her complain at every turn I made and within few minutes we were right where we were suppose to be !
I still cant believe my self for that. Its kinda got me thinking , I guess some places are worth remembering the ways to of , for a better reason. I had mine and it as all worth it .
Meeting my cousins after years, coming to this gurudwara with a historic profile ,and in whose building of contained a hand of my grand father’s!
It felt great…made my day!!!

Peace to the departed and love to all who dwell in the remains of their’s.

Have a nice day!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Purpose of your life:

On reading a lot on the this subject and having prelonged discussions with pretty much learned and experienced peaople i have come across my life , this toipc i found to be the most intresting and i know you all would agree with me.So in order to pass on my insight im writting what all bit that could make sence to me and the best i coud put it into words.
Ps- {this is just the begining,the story is yet to follow.There is deeper knowledge yet to be tapped and when and how it is shall be passed on.}
The whole purpose to be on this earth plane is for your soul to evolve and go back to the light from which it came. In order to do this you must experience "Love" and let go of any fears. We are joined in from lifetime to lifetime by "helpers" with whom we refer to as "Soul mates". There are two types of Soul mates: Companions and Karmic.First we need to explain your soul's purpose.Imagine in your mind: God, The Creator as energy of LOVE….whatever you believe in. Imagine this as a huge Ball of energy/light. We begin our journey as being part of this energy/light. While we are part of this light we are joined by other energies or souls who have the same purpose as we do. That is to come back to the light and to learn about this Divine energy. Our purpose is to remember who we are………we are Love, we have God within us, and we are all one. We make agreements with these other souls before we separate from this light that we will go through certain lessons and learn from them and return to the light ONCE WE HAVE LEARNED. The agreements we make with other souls is that they will help us to achieve this goal. We all have the same goal. The difference is that different souls have different purposes! Twin Flames and Soul mates are very different from one another.Soul matesAnyone already familiar with the concept of a soul mate is probably a bit of a romantic. Many people confuse soul mate relationships with Twin flame. There is a huge difference between the two. The difference between Twin Flames and Companion Soul mates and Karmic Soul mates is that Twin Flames are connected as one Spirit/divided to help one another reconnect. Companion Soul mates and Karmic Soul mates have their own "soul/spirit" and are here to "help" an individual soul with their path. The Path is The Path to Enlightenment.
A soul mate is a mirror and a mirror tends to reflect perfectly. What we see in another soul represents what we see in ourselves. For ultimately we have the same goal…….to be love. A companion soul mate is one that makes an agreement to help us in the lifetime that helps us to learn lessons. Many are project-oriented, well-mated, often have similar physical features, and who are extremely compatible.
While it is true that the soul mate condition may have been established by shared physical experiences over a long period, the relationship is often more than just physical attraction. There exists the capacity to help each other at the mental, as well as, the physical level.
In many cases, once a project is completed, there may be no further need for the relationship and the togetherness vanishes. Companion soul mates are not necessarily marriage partners.

So we all must identify the flames,soulmates and the Karmic mates of our life to help our soul to meet its goal and purpose as soon and as best it can.
Life needs to be lived, so why not the the hilt and without the guilt and having to have reborn again to start all over again. Its like falling in a school grade which no one approves of.

Some levels of life have to be passed without re-takes and there are no extra lives to built to help you on your wrong or missed choices.


Buyin a ticket to trouble

Still resorting to turning up at the reservation counters to book tickets for the trains i walked in the office to be in for a surprise that despite no holiday season the plc was full of men unusually crowded.
The only advantage to being a woman in a country like ours is we get the facility to form lines that secure the females of the inconvenience to stand in long queue full of 'bhaiyas'!

But this day as i maneuvered between these men trying to find the queue that gets me closest to the counter i find my self drawing a lot of hussle bussle among the long queue consisting of 60-70 odd 3rd or 4th class employees men who look at me as if i was a virus who could explode into a disaster any time ,so they keep a close watch yet pass lude comments
and leave sighs ... uugghh....for a min i looked around n thought to my self am i buying a ticket to trouble instead?
as i stood there requesting for my request to be tended to first, and i be out as soon as possible but it got worse , men got more agitated telling me to move back to the line and wait with them , i was able to shut off few around me telling them that its in the law book that females
are entitled to be attended first at such crowded places, and there point held no meaning to me, as I turned and I was facing this face right up to my nose ,she’s another young woman like me who has been enduring this harassment before me and has found her solace in me ,another companion and warned me not to listen to these men and just stand there and wait till I bought my ticket and was out .

I did buy my ticket after a lot of compromises with having men stepping into my circle of comfort and I being aware of their gazes undress me right in front of my eyes , but being a girl in this country , a female adapts to this cycle of accepting and ignoring the very fact of how men treat the sight of women on streets, the foremost even before she’s aware of her feminism.

Well my point of drawing this incidence is to awaken the consciousness we all already have ,as we all (women) for once or the other while have got into a tiff with a mob of men following a lot of indecent argument to which despite of the female holding her rightly point out would still loose to the male dominance.

Women don’t need just a place in an office to work with the men counterpart, but the respect and acceptance just as the rest, they don’t need the freedom to walk n travel on streets and worldwide independently but the security and integrity from fellow human beings to be called equals.

Its true men and women can never be weighed in the same balance and declared hence equals , but cant we just have the peace of mind to walk n move without the fact of knowing that there are few gazes that we don’t want us to be following!
In all this turmoil cant we just have a bit of a chivalry shown or is it too much to ask for???